PGM Refining


The material enriched with the conical mixer contains high amounts of PGM metals as well as carbon compounds. By burning with the right time and the right temperature in the appropriate oven, we get rid of these unwanted materials. The most important point in here is to adjust the burning time and temperature according to the material.


The last part of the catalytic converter recycling is refining. At the end of this section, we can see the metals in our hands. As a result of this process, we can reach platinum, palladium and rhodium. In these processes, if different acids are used in only correct proportions, the process result is achieved. This can be done with a correct system and a process suitable for this system. The choice of the chemical operation system is very important.

After leaching and refining, acidic water is neutralized and harmful gases are eliminated with the water and gas purification system.

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