How to start a recycling investment?

Recycling and recovering of precious metals is an industry that is increasing its popularity day by day. The rising value of precious metal prices also attracts investors to this sector. Even though some entrepreneurs continue their research to enter this sector, may have some concerns and issues. Low initial purchase cost is the most conspicuous benefit of this industry.

Precious metals located in catalytic converters such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium have complex and multiple steps processes for recovery. But, we can basically divide the machinery of the precious metal recovery plant into two groups as physical and chemical treatments. There are different types and features of machines in both physical and chemical parts and it is possible to make money in the industry with the way these machines work.

Those who hesitate to buy the entire physical and chemical plant at once can analyze the customer potential in their region and make money by recycling precious metals by buying only the physical or chemical part. Investors who are unfamiliar with this sector and have some concerns about entry can both experience the industry by starting with the only physical part, and by consuming less monetary reserves; will take fewer risks. Customers can make money using only the cutting machine and they can sell the ceramic part.

Instruments for the physical operations

The physical part is basically removing the ceramic part from catalytic converters and preparing it for chemical processes. Physical treatments begin with the catalytic cutter. The first step is dividing the converters into two parts with a hydraulic guillotine cutter specially designed to cut the catalytic converters. Dust collector units are included in the system to lose less dust. More dust brings more money. Catalytic units whose ceramic part has been removed are scrapped. Ceramic parts should be pulverized for chemical treatments. Proses Makina is using mills for grinding operations. Metallic parts can come from cutting operations and reduce productivity.

For improving the efficiency, a magnetic separator is integrated into the system and the grinding process starts after the magnetic separation. Mills are shaping ceramic parts to ceramic powder. The powder form is sent to the mixer for homogenization and after the last step of physical treatment, the material is ready for chemical operations. Since precious metals are in the dust, the whole system has been developed for minimum dust loss. Vacuum and material transfer is provided between the units for dust protection. XRF devises may be very useful for the having an idea and analyzing the material in physical operations.

Can investors start with a single part?

For investors, the client portfolio is not the only one to buy platinum, palladium, and rhodium. Companies that recover precious metals from catalytic converters can also work with different companies from the sector in line with their different needs. There are many companies operating in the recycling industry such as many physical services. You can also enter the sector and gain experience by separating the ceramic and metal parts of the catalytic products by only purchasing the cutter unit. For more information about the physical part and the cutters, visit

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